Founded in 1996 by Dr. Helen Richardson, PCC, Career Consciousness is a certified minority- and woman-owned business. 

Helen has served a wide range of populations, from youth in search of their first job, to welfare-to-work populations, emerging leaders, seasoned executives, and senior citizens seeking new opportunities for work.  She helps them take charge of their work experiences and transform them into personal and professional successes.

Dr. Richardson’s inspiration for her company came from an observation she made as a child: happiness in the home has a lot to do with how happy parents are with their work. Over the course of her formal education and professional career, she developed a cutting edge coaching and training model called A New Way to Think About WorkTM .  This model supports the personal transformations of how participants see themselves and their work, and serves as the basis for the individual and group coaching and workshops the company offers.

“Career Consciousness is the employer’s awareness of the interdependence of human motivation and organizational goals,” Dr. Richardson explains. “When employees and managers become fully engaged and empowered in the work, they become more productive and invested in their employer’s success.”

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