As an employer, you know that your business cannot function without your employees. But can you imagine just how well your business would function if each and every one of your employees were functioning at their highest capacity? If they were motivated and engaged, generating new ideas and eager to try new things? If they were excellent communicators with the skills to constructively handle conflict on their own? Our services provide training and coaching that result in that and more.At Work Model

Based on Dr. Helen Richardson’s innovative model (at right), work is defined as:

  • Meaning and Purpose
  • Relationship
  • Personal and Professional
  • Life Energy

Through coaching and training, participants recognize that Work is A Relationship that gives or takes energy. This new perspective creates the space for increased self awareness, and skill development.  Participants are more willing to  master new skills that enable them to maximize their professional success, personal satisfaction and more effectively achieve organizational goals. To learn more about our Coaching and Training services, click any of the links below.

Talent/Employee Development
Leadership Training and Coaching
Executive Coaching
Individual and Group Career Coaching
Assessment Tools

Talent/Employee Development

Talent/Employee development focuses on designing customized programs that help meet strategic goals, build bench strength, and develop your available workforce. We help employees develop the skills they need to overcome barriers and to fully invest themselves in their work and the success of your business. We help employees take ownership of what is happening in the workplace and feel empowered to make change, resulting in:

  • Improved communication and cooperation, and thus stronger teams
  • Better problem solving skills and enhanced productivity
  • Stronger levels of engagement and interest in taking on new tasks
  • Constructive conflict resolution and ability to leverage differences
  • Higher levels of trust and reciprocity at all levels
  • Fewer missed deadlines; reduced employee turnover and burnout
  • Increased desire for formal education and training

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Leadership Training and Coaching

Customized training and coaching to maximize the effectiveness of existing leaders and to tap tap into the potential of emerging leaders. Often times, employees are promoted into leadership positions because of their tenure and subject matter expertise. But time and expertise do not necessarily involve strong leadership skills. Our leadership training:

  • Builds core inclusion skills critical for building relationships and effective teams
  • Teaches how to leverage creativity, risk taking and decision making for enhanced organizational performance
  • Provides organizational culture analysis for alignment with personal values
  • Increases self awareness to connect leadership behavior and impact on teams and organizational goals
  • Demonstrates competence through a customized project to demonstrate: strategic thinking, project management, ethical decision making, self development and people development.

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Executive Coaching

Coaching packages provide executives with insight into themselves as leaders, as well as, into the impact of their leadership style on their organization and its bottom line. We then help leaders learn how to cultivate a thriving, results oriented, productive culture of success and satisfaction for each employee and the organization as a whole. With our executive coaching service:

  • Executives gain new perspective on how they lead
  • Increase self-awareness to capitalize on strengths as a leader
  • Connect emotional intelligence to results and organizational resiliency
  • Make noticeable changes in:  management style, communication, image, and presence
  • Learn to identify and prepare emerging leaders
  • Implement programs to develop teams and to leverage diversity
  • Learn essential influencing, delegating and conflict resolution skills

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Individual and Group Career Coaching

This service focuses on helping individuals and small groups identify their skills, talents, and interests, as well as any roadblocks to achieving satisfaction and career success. We propose a perspective about work that is deeply empowering: work is a relationship. Just like any other relationship, work requires us to know ourselves well, to be proactive, to be excellent communicators, to have empathy, to take responsibility for our choices, to hold ourselves accountable, and to ultimately decide what is healthy and right for our own lives.
This service helps develop this new mindset and translate it into concrete actions that improve your work/life balance and re-establish priorities for education and training in times of transition or change. Individual and Group Career Coaching can help you:

  • Understand your unique personality, talents, and interests
  • Analyze work from the perspective of individual beliefs and values
  • Recognize situations that take away or give positive energy
  • Reframe stressful situations and effectively resolve conflicts
  • Position yourself for meaningful, fulfilling work

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Assessment Tools

In support of all of our Coaching and Training services, we offer the following assessment tools:

  • 360 Degree Assessments
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Strong Interest Inventory
  • Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation (FIRO-B)
  • Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Indicator (TKI)
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Skillscan
  • Skillscope
  • Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator
  • Work Keys

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