Career Consciousness offers services that maximize productivity, satisfaction, and success of employers, individuals, and youth.

These services, rooted in the concept that Work Is A Relationship, empower and energize participants, resulting in a more engaged, motivated, and invested workforce.

Coaching and Training: assists employers, managers, and staff in improving engagement, bench strength, teamwork, customer satisfaction, productivity, and overall individual and organizational growth and competence. These services are also provided directly to individuals one-on-one or in a group setting.

Public Speaking: Founder and CEO, Dr. Helen Richardson, and co-founder of the youth program Find Your Wings, Dr. Eugene Richardson, Jr., are both available for public speaking engagements and as experts for print and broadcast media.

Find Your Wings logo1Youth Career Development:  Our Find Your Wings youth career development programs assist schools and non-profits in growing the career success potential of students in grades 8 through 12. Our workshops, coaching services are offered within the school day, as after school programs, as summer programs, or as weekend retreats.  Learn more about our youth career development services at

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