V. Ennis, MS, JCTC

Career Consciousness

V. Ennis, MS, JCTC

Role: Senior Trainer – Career Development for Adults and Youth


  • M.S. in Public Administration, West Chester University, School of Business
  • B.A. in Sociology and Social Work, Delaware State University
  • Job and Career Transition Coach Certificate, Career Planning and Adult Development Network


V. Ennis is a seasoned Career and Vocational Consultant and a Certified Job and Career Transition Coach. Her professional background includes career skills assessment, job and career development planning and strategic job coaching.

She works with physically and mentally challenged, displaced, underemployed and unemployed workers. Her business core competencies include job training and assistance with job placement, evaluating job skills, using matching assessments, and one-on-one coaching to discuss career interests and goals. She assists in providing skills and education resources for employment opportunities in demanding industries.

Ennis’ expertise includes working with non-profits, businesses and educational institutions. She enjoys working with teens, young adults and seasoned individuals.

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Find Your Wings® is our adaption of A New Way to Think About Work® for youth and those new to the world of work. It is both a character-building and career development model.