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Can you imagine how well your business would function if each and every one of your employees were: functioning at their highest capacity; motivated and engaged generating new ideas and eager to try new things; and excellent communicators with the skills to constructively handle conflict on their own?

A New Way to Think About Work | Career Consciousness

Can you imagine what a difference it would make to your productivity and profitability to have such positive, proactive workers?

Using our trademarked process A New Way to Think About Work™ as the foundation for our services, we have experienced consistent, long-term positive impact. The process includes helping workers fully understand the power of the following elements in their work and in their life:

Work Brings Purpose Icon

Work Brings Meaning & Purpose

The opportunity to pursue something that has value and importance to you in your current situation.

Answers these questions:

  • Is this worth my time and effort?
  • Am I working for more than a paycheck?
  • Am I using my strengths?
  • Is this consistent with my short or long term goals?
Work is Personal & Professional Icon

Work is Personal & Professional

With the speed of change and the use of technology, there is no “off” button. Personal issues are professional issues. The beliefs from our personal lives whether conscious or unconscious motivate our behavior.

Answer these questions:

  • What issues or concerns must be resolved to be fully present for work?
  • What beliefs are helping or hindering my professional success?
  • How can I have the work life balance that I want?
  • How do I move forward educationally to have the life I want?
Work is a Relationship Icon

Work is a Relationship

Seeing Work as a Relationship represents a major shift in perspective about work. It is a strategy to understand fully the impact it has on you and the opportunities and challenges for growth, just as in a personal relationship.

Answers these questions:

  • Am I meeting my own expectations for myself?
  • In what ways am I holding myself back and feeling like a victim?
  • What new behaviors am I willing to try to get what I want from others?
  • What new measurements do I need for the different kinds of relationships I will need to further my career?
Work Directs Life Energy Icon

Work Directs Life Energy

Our thoughts and feelings create conditions of illness, stress, happiness or peace. Mindfulness is a practice that helps us continually monitor where we are by focusing on the interaction of the elements of the model and their impact on self and others – the mind, body and spirit connection.

It helps us get to experience:

  • Feelings of choice
  • Feelings of clarity
  • Feelings of forgiveness
  • Focus on process

Through coaching and training, participants recognize that Work is a Relationship that gives or takes energy. This new perspective creates the space for increased self-awareness and skill development. Participants are more willing to master new skills that enable them to maximize their professional success, personal satisfaction and more effectively achieve organizational goals.

Kick Starting Your Career

Tools for Maximizing Your Career Development

This workshop is for workers and leaders who are feeling stuck or complacent and are not aware of how to leverage their strengths, interests and abilities in a way that feels personally and professionally fulfilling.


  • A better appreciation of self
  • An understanding of strengths and weakness
  • Future direction as it relates to career
  • Full recognition and understanding of road blocks to success
  • A tangible development plan
  • Detailed articulation of essential first steps
  • Skills to effectively interact with manager and others regarding career development
  • Knowledge of available resources within your organization for future developmental/promotional opportunities


Learning Empowerment Advantage Program

This training is for workers who have demonstrated clear potential and are ready to grow their own career potential and take on a larger role within the organization. They can be new to the organization or seasoned workers.

Program Objectives:

  • Express ideas, thoughts, feelings, and emotions regarding next steps
  • Use A New Way to Think About Work™ and The Start Up of You as frameworks for career analysis and decision making
  • Enhance self-knowledge by identifying pivotal events that frame who you are
  • Have a better understanding and appreciation of your personality and how to build upon that knowledge in order to open up opportunities for greater career/life satisfaction
  • Learn to build relationships that will sustain your career
  • Plan for assessing your strengths and weaknesses in your current role and desired future role(s)
  • Commit to developing a professional development plan

LEAP Support Group

  • An on-going program for graduates of LEAP who wish to continue growing and supporting one another
  • Facilitate development of structure, ground rules and major process that will govern the functioning of voluntary membership in peer coaching support group
  • Developing mission, vision and goals
  • Identifying mentors both in and outside the organization to assist the career journey
  • Groups and individuals can take on special projects that are of interest to the organization and participant

The Power of Three

Organizational pressures to achieve results that ensure survival in an increasingly competitive environment often set in motion dynamics that cause people to do things they would not normally do. These dynamics undermine relationships at work. As a result, there are conflicting pressures within and between various groups. There is a real need to get newly hired and younger employees up to speed while respecting the contributions of seasoned employees. Resources must be shared and conflicts must be resolved to balance the demands of conflicting perspectives.

The Power of Three responds to these critical organizational challenges by focusing on the needs of customers while removing toxins that hamper the capacity to build and maintain healthy and productive internal relationships.

The Power of Three is the new “Business Etiquette”. It reinforces the way to enhance integrity and respect in the workplace for both internal and external customers.

Three powerful foundational communication skills help to create an environment where organizations can achieve a competitive advantage. They provide employees with essential skills they can use to communicate in ways where everyone can work up to his/her potential.

  • Learn to distinguish between personal assumptions and what is real
  • Understand and acknowledge the impact of individual behavior and make changes where appropriate
  • Practice giving and receiving feedback to enhance collaboration among diverse groups, ages, cultures, personalities, and backgrounds

These three essential skills create a workplace environment of trust, vitality and integrity.

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