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Why Find Your Wings Now?

With the high cost of post-secondary education and the financial burden it presents for both parents and students, there is a need for a comprehensive, holistic career development approach that teaches skills for careers and enhances self-awareness and self-confidence to last a lifetime. Find Your Wings is that program.

  • Helps participants look at themselves: (1) from the inside out – to begin to know and appreciate who they are; and (2) from the outside in – building relationships, seeking opportunities, testing them out, and seeing how they fit against the priorities of their present and future.
  • Acts as a potential tool to improve the disparities in high school graduation rates of minority youth and increase post-secondary education possibilities.
  • Makes explicit issues of The Future of Work and prepares participants for the impact of advances in technology.
  • Inspires building dreams, cultivating desires, and creating plans to make them come true
  • Creates awareness of patterns of working longer and focus on well-being

Find Your Wings is a holistic, structured approach to career decision-making. It is like a road map of destinations to help students learn and value who they are.

What kinds of organizations can best benefit from our Find Your Wings® Program?

We will customize our services to complement existing programs within schools, workforce development, spiritual and mentoring organizations.

Our target audiences are the following:

  • HS youth grades 9 through 12.
  • College students
  • Adults connected to workforce development organizations
  • Special customized programs for summer experiences with youth 4th through 8th grade

Organizations that:

  • Have a cohort of potential students who can grow and learn together over time
  • Are connected to jobs, internships, apprenticeships, and mentoring programs
  • Can provide an overarching structure for our program and a willingness to co-design with our consultants
  • Take responsibility for student discipline problems and make corrections
  • Give and receive feedback to assist with the growth of our mutual organizations
  • Are willing to experiment with new information to increase program outcomes

Legacy – Tuskegee Airmen

Find Your Wings is the brainchild of Dr. Helen Richardson, a seasoned career coach, and Dr. Eugene J. Richardson, Jr., one of the original black pilots in World War II and former principal and math and science teacher. The desire to help youth and young adults have a more fulfilling life by creating a program that builds character and careers is a long sought dream for both.

  • When Dr. Eugene Richardson speaks to students about his Tuskegee Airman experiences, he says, “I know your mother and father have told you that you must try to have A’s and B’ in school. However, I know that you need 3 D’sDreams, Desires, and Discipline to have the life you want.”
  • The Airmen overcame the systemic racism that persisted in the 1940s and, unfortunately, is still markedly present today.
  • We want to pass on this strength of character and career education to the next generations through the Find Your Wings Program

Dr. Howard Thurman, minister and great civil rights leader, expresses the Find Your Wings philosophy so eloquently. He said: “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Starting out, I wasn’t sure how everything would pan out. Personality, characteristics, multiple intelligences – “I don’t have any of that.” Dr. Helen showed me that I was wrong. I was very wrong. I learned that in order to feel happy and complete, all I need was to dig deep and focus. Find Your Wings was a great experience and it truly helped me grow and see how far I can take my potential.

Sharnee’ DavisChester Education Foundation

Helen has a gift for helping young people and others recognize their strengths and discover their passions. Her holistic approach to career exploration and coaching engages and encourages the participants to deeply examine their values, career, and life goals. Additionally, she is a master trainer who is consistently engaging, knowledgeable, and effective in getting information across. I wholeheartedly recommend Helen Richardson and her Find Your Wings model of career exploration.

Telandria Boyd-JohnsonMPA, PHR, SHRM-CP (former coordinator Hospital of University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Pipeline Program – for students in West Philadelphia HS)

Partial Listing of Find Your Wings Program Clients

  • U of PA Health System
  • Chester Education Foundation
  • Lutheran Theological Seminary
  • Philadelphia High School for Girls
  • Carson Valley Children’s Aid
  • University City District
  • Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church

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