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Executive Coaching

Career Consciousness has been instrumental in assisting me in bringing clarity to the office’s vision for extending the richness and reach of our urban mission in Southern New Jersey. Helen Richardson has enabled me to transform my broader concepts into concrete action steps containing a strong sense of compassion and integrity. The organizational development consultation that I have received has been invaluable and I highly recommend it to both individuals and organizations.

Gary Rodwell, Ph.D.Director of Public AffairsCamden County College

As an Executive Coach, (Helen Richardson) gave me tools for self-reflection, assessing the strengths and the work styles of my team, and she helped to pave a path for a more effective, highly functioning leadership of the organization.

Amy HoldsmanExecutive DirectorWhite-Williams Scholars Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Career Consciousness provided our organization with one of the best training programs for mid-level management I’ve ever seen. During the process, participant morale, individual engagement and commitment were high and team evaluations included: “best course ever provided by JEVS,” “changed my management style,” and “made me more aware of myself and others.

Diane PosternakSenior Vice PresidentJEVS Human Services

Helen Richardson’s insight and analytical skills were integral to the success of our staff educational retreat. Her acuity, concepts, and contributions were also very helpful with our strategic planning and the compilation of our Human Resources manual.

Nilda RuizPresident and CEOAPM Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha

Supervisory Skills Training and Coaching

I was hopeless and frustrated with the current working environment. In the training, I learned “A New Way to Think About Work” that is much healthier. I even carried this over to my personal life. We have implemented new processes to start focusing on strengths. Little time is spent celebrating the good things — they seem to get lost in monitoring and quality metrics reports. I feel empowered and a sense of relief. I now feel it is okay to say “no” and not take on additional responsibilities because I can do it. Learning to carve out time for myself during the day like a meeting I can’t miss has helped me with my productivity. I realize that change does truly begin with me and that the only thing that I have true control over is my reaction to the many unpredictable events in the clinic and in life.

A. YappClinical Practice ManagerDrexel University College of Medicine

I had problems with an employee that was always defensive and spoke over me. In the program, I learned how to not let emotions drive any discussions. I was able to redefine (defensive employee’s) job functions and location. We are now working as a team, working together to get the billing done in a timely manner. I realized that I don’t need to have everyone love me.

M. DanielsClinical Practice ManagerDrexel University College of Medicine

The goal of the program was to improve the core supervisory capabilities of our medical practice managers. The program accomplished that and so much more. It was the perfect mix of self-discovery, useful concepts and tools, and opportunities to apply what was learned. Rookie managers blossomed and our veterans found a renewed sense of purpose. Most importantly, I saw real changes in our medical practices as the managers put their new insights and strategies to work. Helen and her partners at Career Consciousness did a fabulous job. I have heard nothing but incredibly positive feedback from program participants, their managers, and even our senior leadership. I wouldn’t hesitate to engage them in the future or to recommend them to others.

Jennifer LivingstonManagerTraining & Organization Development Clinical Practice Group, Drexel University

Employee Development

After limited success with a variety of vendors, we chose Career Consciousness…the results have been phenomenal…employees who participated in the Kick Start Your Career Program have made tremendous progress.

Sheila IrelandDirector of TrainingPhiladelphia Water Department

By participating in this training, I have been given tools to recognize what is needed and where I best fit in, in the city government.

Audrey DrummondKick Start Your Career Participant

The Career Consciousness approach to training was intense for me. It took me to places internally mentally that I would normally avoid, yet always knowing this was a place I needed to be and it’s safe to be there. Taking the various assessments in The Kick Starting Your Career training helped me to pinpoint other areas of interest that I had thought about but never seriously considered pursuing as a career. Being conscious of my personality type helps me to understand how and why I am affected by my surroundings when interacting with co-workers and people in general. I also discovered that I had more going on than I gave myself credit for. At this point and time in my life, I am right where I’m supposed to be!

Cynthia Rogers-FlemingKick Start Your Career Participant

When I first met the staff from Career Consciousness, I was about to graduate from school in the Information Technology field. I realized deep down inside of me I’m a nurturing person and would work well in the Social Service field.

Thelma KennerlyKick Start Your Career Participant

Individual and Group Career Coaching

Since being introduced to Dr. Helen Richardson and Career Consciousness, I feel like I know the things that make me happy at work and the things that are upsetting as well as what is fulfilling and what is draining. I have been empowered to make career decisions that are in line with the things that I value most in life. I have been positioned to be truly successful.

Khalil MeggettCPA

Helen Richardson has a gift for helping you excavate your purpose. Through strength tests and counseling sessions, Helen helped me embrace parts of my talents that weren’t being fully tapped as well as revealed career areas I had not considered. Helen’s holistic approach also encompasses life goals, not just career goals. I can truly say that my current career choices are more informed, self-empowering, and exciting because of my relationship with Helen.

Emma Tramble

You need to know you before you can sell you. Before we did our work together, I could write down a list of work that I had done, but I didn’t own it. You helped me to get to a specific place where I needed to go, less intellectual and more emotional—which is where we all really live. I’ve got myself back, calm, happy and energized.

Sheila Irelandwho left a stable City job of 20 years

The workshops offered a wealth of information and materials that I will be able to use to look back on insights from this course and continue to use going forward to help me on my lifework journey.

Wanda MooreWorkshop participant

Assessment Tools

The FIRO-B assessment was by the far the best assessment for me. This has helped me to understand my behavior and feelings in both the workplace and with my personal relationships as well. It has shifted my perception of why I do what I do.

Jennifer BrowerWorkshop participant

The PMAI really illuminated some behavioral issues for me that extend back to childhood. I found the archetypes to be the most striking of the assessments. While they were all helpful, this one really hit home for me with the stories that I have held as blocks to growth in my relationships.

Wanda MooreWorkshop participant

I learned that as an ISTJ, I extrovert my thinking, which is true. The exercise gave me confidence in MBTI as a diagnostic tool.

Crystal CubbageWorkshop participant

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