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Often times, employees are promoted into leadership positions because of their tenure and subject matter expertise. But time and expertise do not necessarily involve strong leadership skills. We provide two leadership training programs (1) for mid to senior level directors and managers and, (2) for supervisors and managers who handle the day to day operations both newly appointed and more seasoned supervisors.

Our Difference:

  • Our coaching and training focus is on developing leader self-awareness as well as their ability to lead others
  • We structure our training to emphasize that we are serious about learning – trans-formative learning
    • We include projects after each workshop which demonstrate the practical benefit for both the participant and the organization
    • There are out of class time reading assignments
    • Final Group Projects
  • One-on-one individual coaching with a personality assessment (strongly recommended, but optional)
  • Skill certificates upon completion
  • Option to receive academic credit for course

Mid-to-Senior Level Directors and Managers

Leadership In Action

This program provides leaders with a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge to identify their own strengths and developmental needs and those of their staff. At the completion of a series of modules, participants will execute a customized project to demonstrate leadership ability to think strategically, manage projects, build teams and develop people.

Program Objectives:

  • Build core inclusion skills critical for building relationships and effective teams
  • Learn to leverage creativity, risk-taking and decision making for enhanced organizational performance
  • Conduct organizational culture analysis for alignment with personal values
  • Increase self-awareness to connect leadership behavior and impact on teams and organizational goals
  • Create action plans to build skills to increase self and team performance
  • Demonstrate leadership competence through a customized project reflecting: strategic thinking, project management, ethical decision-making, self-development, and people development.

Frontline Supervisors and Managers

GEM (Growth and Education for Managers) Program

The GEM program is designed to bolster the core supervisory capabilities, strengthen peer networks and deliver immediate benefits to the organization through applied project assignments.

GEM is for both new and seasoned managers, providing development opportunities appropriate for all levels of supervisory experience.

Program Objectives:

  • Clarify competencies for role of leader
  • Conduct self-analysis and 360 with team
  • Design and execute orienting and on-boarding program
  • Learn how to effectively participate in hiring and conducting performance evaluations
  • Handle conflict and promote trust and communication across differences among staff and peers
  • Practice behaviors that create environment of collaboration, teamwork and respect
  • Commit to continuous development and serve as a role model for others

Directors and C-Level Leaders

Executive Coaching Packages

One-on-one Customized coaching packages for 3, 6 and 12 months.

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