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Want to change your work experience to one that is more positive, personally and professional developmental, and more culturally respectful of difference?

Our services can make that important difference for you/ your organization!

Our  philosophy:

  1. Core Assumption:  Work is a Relationship that gives or takes energy.  Work can drain all the life out of you, or it can give you joy and a feeling of connection, just like a personal relationship can.
  2. Work is Personal and Professional – We bring all of who and what we are into the workplace – past and present.  Work must serve both our personal and professional needs.
  3. Work is Meaning and Purpose – We all need a reason to get out of bed in the morning.  Without a focused intent, work is just too hard.  Work is very demanding today.
  4. Work is Life Energy – The work relationship/s, the personal and professional and the meaning and purpose are all sources of energy – Life Energy.  This is the energy that keeps us well, engaged and connected to the best of who we are, or it is the vehicle for illness, frustration and pain.

These are the core assumptions of our innovative, coaching and training model called A New Way to Think About Work™.  The assumptions guide all of our services for Individuals, Youth, and Organizations.

We are your employee experience experts.  With extensive experience in organizational development, career coaching, leadership development and human resource management, we provide cutting edge services to respond to the developmental issues of the multiple generations in the workplace. Our focus is on preparing the organizational environment for growth and learning with better strategies for Hiring and Selection, Retention, and Improving Productivity.  Established in 1996, we are the trusted business partner for organizational leaders, human resource and organizational development professionals to assist in addressing: burnout, turnover, low productivity, complacency, and leadership gaps that impact the quality of the work experience and the bottom line.  Our signature programs include: the GEM Program for new and established front line Supervisors, and our LEAP Program for entry level level individuals who want to learn how to manage their careers, add more value to their organizations and become more marketable.

We help employees and leaders develop higher levels of awareness, learn to reflect and make better choices to shift the environment to one that is deliberately developmental, healthy, adaptable, and more positive.  These changes are critical for the health and satisfaction of the multiple generations in the workforce.


  • Employee Experience/Engagement Programs
  • Executive Coaching and Leadership Training
  • Strategic Retreats, Surveys, Reports
  • Talent and Performance Management
  • Hiring, Selection, Onboarding Programs
  • Individual and Group Career & Life Coaching
  • Personality and Skill Assessments
  • Youth Career Development (through Find Your Wings)


“I was hopeless and frustrated with the current working environment.  In the supervisory training, I learned “A New Way to Think About Work” that is much healthier.  I even carried this over to my personal life.  I feel empowered and a sense of relief.  I realize that change truly does begin with me.” A. Yapp, Clinical Practice Manager, Drexel University College of Medicine

“Dr. Richardson facilitated a strategic retreat using A New Way to Think About Work for my staff and I.  We experienced immediate changes in how we showed up as individuals as well as teammates. Personal and group accountability has improved, each staff member demonstrates leadership in their role, and innovation is a part of how we work.  I now feel confident in the performance of the staff and our work and see the many ways in which we will continue to grow.” A. Styer, Director, Youth Programs, Strategy, Engagement, Episcopal Community Services

“Starting out I wasn’t sure how everything would pan out.  Personality, characteristics, multiple intelligences, I don’t have any of that.  Dr. Helen showed me that I was wrong.  I was very wrong. I learned that in order to feel happy and complete, all I needed was to dig deep and focus.  Find Your Wings was a great experience and it truly helped me grow and see how far I can take my potential.” S. Davis, Find Your Wings Workshop Participant

To learn more about what Career Consciousness can do for you or your organization, please  contact us at hrichardson@careerc.com or (267) 233-7565.