Become Career Conscious


Career Consciousness is both a philosophy and a consulting firm. We help leaders, staff, and organizations make the shift to seeing “Work Is A Relationship” that either gives or takes energy.  This new perspective creates the space for enhanced self-awareness, skill development, personal motivation and growth.

 “I was hopeless and frustrated with the current working environment.  In the training, I learned “A New Way to think About Work” that is much healthier.  I even carried this over to my personal life.  We have implemented new processes to start focusing on our strengths.  I feel empowered and a sense of relief.  I realize that change truly does begin with me.” – Management Training Participant

Our coaching and training services directly impact organizations as leaders and staff become better communicators, more skilled in conflict management, confident, proactive, accountable for their choices, and ultimately responsible for their own successes.  This leads to organizations that are more adaptable,  productive, innovative, and results focused.

To learn more about what Career Consciousness can do for your organization, please contact us.